Mass Email Marketing

Intelligent entrepreneurs are making use of the new age marketing tools to boost their business. Mass email marketing is one of the effective ways to leverage the internet for business promotion. It is a good tool to bring new customers. Research indicates great increase in the percentage of expenditure fon mass email adverting and it is expected to grow further, not only in the developed countries, but worldwide. The reason for such a phenomenal increase is very simple. It is a tool that reaches to the customers directly. Theoretically, every email sent to the potential customers can bring one sales lead. Sending advertisements, requesting business proposals, providing sales deals or building brand loyalty and collecting data through surveys are the different facets of mass email marketing!

Bulk marketing companies offer facility of sending transactional emails or direct emails to the clients:

a) Transactional emails are triggered by some action of customers like purchasing a product or filling up some online form or clicking a message. These emails contain information about the transaction clicked by the customer. It gives a sense of message-580300_1280engagement to the customers and they become more inclined towards using the product or services again. This is a method of creating brand loyalty where the customers use a particular brand again and again because of emotional or financial attraction. Email marketing companies offer support to offer promotional messages through transactional emails. They can be related to the core product or service purchased by the customer. For example, a customer may receive promotional email for taxi booking for a particular destination after booking online travel ticket.

b) Direct emails: These are commercial emails sent with an intention of product or service promotion. They are indiscriminate or targeted. Companies collect the list of customers before sending these emails.

There are many advantages of email marketing. They bring high value return because of low cost of sending email to people. Huge saving achieved on printing and mailing the promotional material. They can reach to huge number of people as compared to the conventional mode of mailing.

More and more people are accessing emails nowadays hence it is always better to reach them by sending emails. Decreasing cost of emails makes it further cheaper to reach a huge number of clients. Effective email marketing can bring fabulous results for the companies. Email marketing companies help their clients in achieving business goals effectively!

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